Personalisierte Medizin

Am Donnerstag, 7. November 2019, von 18 bis 19.30 Uhr, findet in St. Gallen (Alterswohnsitz Bürgerspital, Gesellschaftssaal) die öffentliche Veranstaltung «Personalisierte Medizin – Herausforderung für Solidarität und soziale Gerechtigkeit» der Nationalen Ethikkommission im Bereich der Humanmedizin (NEK) statt.

Zum Veranstaltungsprogramm (in german)

“Autonomy and happiness. Self-determination in medicine: the recipe for a happy life?” symposium 

The event took place on Friday, 28 June 2019 in Bern. What individuals experience as “happiness” in the sense of a fulfilling life or life well lived should be reflected in all the important, self-determined decisions they make. Medicine, which often has to do with questions of existential importance, is no exception. Does the fact that such great emphasis is placed on autonomy in medicine result in happier patients? Or can autonomy overwhelm people and jeopardise their happiness? Why is the question of what happiness means and how medicine contributes to happiness given so little attention in the discourse on medical ethics? Take part in the debate and register now!

Link to programm (in german)

Link to presentation (in german or french)


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